When we went fishing with Captain Norman of the Rascal, we got a chance to see some wildlife. Here’s an Osprey we zipped by.

Can you find the baby?


  1. Scott Webb says:

    Hey! When I came here I saw this wickedly crazy photograph and had to comment. I can see the baby for sure! I was nervous that I was seeing an attack to steal the baby but realized that it’s probably the parent. Great catch especially if you say you were zipping by when fishing!

    Take care!

  2. S. Jared says:

    wow!!! that’s the perfect shot..

  3. i can’t see the baby, but that’s good. may it’s dificult to take in the good angle

  4. James Parker says:

    Well the picture is awesome… the shot is well timed!

  5. is so fascinating…

  6. S. Weager says:

    I like bird photography very much.This is really a good shot of Osprey you have taken. I like this photograph as there is also a baby bird in that nest. Well I have never seen Osprey in real life.

  7. Never see the osprey in real life, but this shot is perfect I think. and yes, I can see the baby :).

  8. jones act says:

    That’s awesome… I’ve been waiting to see Osprey in reality… You took a great shot… thank you for sharing it…

  9. Sarasota says:

    Yes, I’ve found it, great photograph! It really catches the moment of an Osprey and its baby. You’re amazing, you do really get a great catch than fishing!

  10. Wo! I love birds of prey! They have something majestic about them! cool pic! 😀

  11. This photo is really fascinating. This one is really considered as your great catch, your subject is truly interesting. It was a great angle for Osprey and its baby, it’s truly amazing.

  12. I really love the style of your photography, it really catches my sight. I do have passion in photography and I also love to make the nature as my subject. You truly have a great catch.

  13. Cool pic!

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