Ocracoke Sunset

sandpiper sunset

There was a widow’s walk on the house we stayed at; a platform that could only be accessed from a hatch in the ceiling of the top floor. I took a lot of shots up there, including this one of a flock of sand pipers.


  1. Danielle says:

    the sunset view looks awesome..too good

  2. Wow this is the word when I saw these both photographs.These are such beautiful photographs of sunset.No wonder that nature has so many different colors.First photograph is nice and looks that birds are returning to their nests.

  3. I agree with Danielle. The sunset is very awesome and the sand pipers flying, wow what a great catch. You do really take amazing photos, surely everyone will be inspired by it. Looking forward to see more. Thanks!

  4. The 1st picture is awesome! Like a musical note they fly and don’t even leave foot-trails behind!
    photo is capable of eliciting instant poetry! means it must be good!

  5. Simon Bunting says:

    Wow a very impressive sunset I especially love the second photograph.

  6. Those are some great looking photos.

  7. Purdee

  8. Beautiful view…

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