More Brown Pelicans

brown pelican

If you clean your fish at the dock, a group of brown pelicans will come and beg for scraps. Here are some photos of some of the birds that came to beg for scraps of Spanish Mackerel.


  1. Sure, you’re welcome to do so with a link back here. Let me know if you’d like a different resolution image.

  2. celine ross says:

    at least the scraps would not be gone to waste..Pelicans will benefit with it…lol..I love the pics and still fascinated on how they could let their body float in water like what ducks do..

  3. The third pelican shot is great! I’m really enjoying it.

  4. Awesome shot! We have noticed that the pelicans are moving north. We have seen them as far north as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. We always see lots of them in Virginia Beach.

  5. Wow! Incredible photos! It’s as if it posed for you! The water and the pelican’s body looks remarkable in the first photo!

  6. What amazing pictures. In the first one, he seems to be looking right at you!

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