Lost Sock

lost sock

I hate it when one gets left behind…


  1. Manisha says:

    hahahahaha… i also hate it…

  2. You’re lucky the sock monster didn’t get it 😆

  3. John Fremkaldelse says:

    I know all about that!
    i hate loosing socks, and why does you never loose both, but only one of them?

  4. James Moralde says:

    Interesting indeed eh, to always lose only 1 instead of the complete pair?

    Hey, that dark blur on the stainless steel surface must be James’ reflection. 🙂

  5. Meaningful photo. I don’t like if one goes behind.

  6. I hate the Sock Monster too!

  7. Great photo. ..I can see the person putting the cloths in the dryer. After drying them they piled them in the basket without folding. She must have been surprised when she made it home and couldn’t find her favorite sock…..Great story.

  8. Don’t worry the ‘sock gnomes’ wil come and get them…these gnomes are tiny midget-men who sneak into the house and steal socks. 😀

  9. Nice sock lol. Love the blue colours actually! Where do they go? I think the mystery of socks is something that we need to give real thought too. You don’t lose one earring like that, so easily. Socks seem to get separated all the time, no matter what you do. A good tip is to keep them in washing line pegs when you’re not wearing them, so you can wash them together.
    Or do what I do, and never ever wear matching ones.

  10. This seems to happen to everyone. I do think there is something eating the socks, though. lol
    As for why only seem to lose one, would you really notice if you lost BOTH?

  11. Entertaining post, this happens to me all the time!
    Funny thing is, I never loose my underpants!

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