Look what the net drug up

Ocracoke Crab

Sure, we caught some fish… but we also caught some crabs. Watch the toes! Does this body language say anything to you?


  1. Is it a crab? really liked the close up picture but its hard to figure out what it is actually!

  2. Eee, hate crabs alive! But love to eat them 🙂

  3. Yes, they’re blue crabs. We were thinking about eating them, but in the end decided they were more trouble than they were worth, and dumped the pot out and let them run away.

  4. I also hate crabs alive! They look like creepy creatures and I’m scared of their big claws. But they’re yummy when cooked especially fried crab meat! yummy!
    by the way, I love your close-up photo of the crab.

  5. James Moralde says:

    The crab is the most sociable animal in both land and sea. Try reaching out to it and he’ll immediately reach out too to shake hands with you. 🙂

  6. S. Jared says:

    its says catch me if you can – I am very tasty! ! 😀

  7. Whoa..they run as long as they can. But, in fairness they look yummy and tasty. Nice Shot.

  8. Can’t believe that you threw away those awesome looking crabs! But if you only had a few it may not have been worth all of the trouble to cook them. But you could have bought a few to throw in with them! LOL

  9. James Moralde – too funny!

    We really did think long and hard about eating these guys, but one of the locals cautioned us against eating fish out of the canal. Even though it’s connected to the ocean, the canal doesn’t get a lot of water movement, and if a neighbor’s boat is leaking anything into the water, it could get into the crabs. I don’t know if I put any stock in that, but why take the risk?

    Instead, we got some crab at the fish market and made delicious crab dip. Mayo, lemon, paprika, Parmesan, cream cheese, spinach, and artichokes. VERY tasty!

  10. Seriously,good job and nice pics as well.The links are looking very scary with sharp horny points..

  11. Does the body language say ‘Resistance’?

  12. Nice and sharp, and nice use of shallow depth of field.

  13. John Kohl says:

    Great pictures of the crabs. This brings back memories of gathering buckets of crabs while growing up in Orange County CA!

  14. Creepy little creatures.

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