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happy grave yard
Claire says I ruined this photo with the sticker… looking for a certain juxtaposition in tone and emotion in the graveyard.

I was specifically trying to not be disrespectful when I created this image, and hope that I achieved it. The sticker was on the stone for just a few moments.

What do you think? Disrespectful? Or did I achieve a contrast in feelings and create an interesting image?


  1. I think you definitely got a resounding contrast. I’m not so sure its being disrespectful…its actually quite sobering to see the gravestones in black and white and then a real surprise to see the sticker there…nice creative shot…

  2. Ryan Cowles says:

    When I first saw the picture, I thought the sticker was Photoshopped on. After closer examination (And perhaps, reading your description) I realized it wasn’t. It does provide great contrast, and it adds a whole new element to the picture. Without the sticker, the shot would still work, but I think it would be easier to pass up. The sticker makes you want to stay within the photo, and it did make me laugh as well.

  3. James Moralde says:

    Disrespectful? To the purists perhaps. But the moment I saw the picture, there was a shift from the usual feeling evoked by a stimulus of this type to something lighter, to the point of producing a smile on my face. Well, I should say you did achieve your goal James.

    The picture seems to drive home the point of ‘looking for the brighter side of everything’.

  4. I think this is a cool photo. Because you added the sticker..a contrast is visible….the small little yellow patch breathes life into what would have been a ‘dead’ photo..literally!

  5. Well since gravestones are at cementary which tends to be a depressing place then that stickers helps set a happy mood lol

  6. I don’t think the sticker is necessarily disrespectful, but I do agree with Claire. The picture stood on its own

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