Getting organized

By now, you’ve figured out that I was on vacation last week.

I took my camera, my iPhone, an 8 gig memory card, and a 4 gig memory card. For the most part, I shot with my Nikon D90 and not the phone, though a few phone pics were too good not to share.

Even though I deleted somewhere between 150 and 250 pictures throughout the week, I still got home with 766 photos on the D90. That’s a lot of images! I’ve spent the last several nights importing them into Lightroom, deleting some of the bad ones, and processing many of the rest. I think there are about 200 shots worth sharing… Yikes, that’s a lot!

I will not subject you to 200 vacation photos.

Having said that, I do finally have them listed in chronological order, and I will be rearranging the posts I’ve already published to go in a more chronological order as I post the new stuff. I think we’ll get through most of what is worth sharing in the next week or two.

So stay tuned – lots more images coming. My trip to Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, USA, ended about a week ago, but here at, it’s just beginning.

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