Fish from the dock

mud guppies

I didn’t manage to get any great shots of the Mullet that kept jumping out of the water. We fished and fished for them, but they don’t go for the hook. Apparently, the best way to catch them is with a large net.

From top to bottom: Mud Guppies in a mason jar aquarium with live clams, a Northern Pufferfish, and a Pipe Fish (relative of the Sea Horse).


  1. James Moralde says:

    Is that a full-sized pipe fish? Because it would be scary if it grows any larger than that. Is it violent? Does it bite or puncture?

  2. pipe fish looks like a snake scary like

  3. Nice shots. I didn’t notice the second picture was a puffer fish. Perhaps I’ve seen another kind of a puffer fish. I find that fish unique. It doesn’t look cute but the ability to bloat twice its normal size is amazing. I heard that it puffs for self defense. Another thing, I know that a puffer fish is naturally poisonous but in Japan, it is a popular and very expensive dish and only licensed chefs can serve it.

  4. The pipe fish are full size. They are not violent at all – they wanted away from us! They’re mouths are so small, I doubt they could do any damage.

    We caught some Spanish Mackerel out in the ocean – now there’s some fish with some teeth to them!

    I hadn’t seen this kind of puffer fish before, but apparently it’s common in those waters. It never did inflate (bummer).

  5. How did you manage to hook the pipe fish? I mean did you use bait at all?

  6. No, the kids just caught them with a net. 🙂

  7. Crazy! That’s one crazy-looking fish too!

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