Elephant in the room

wooden elephant

This is a wooden elephant that used to belong to my grandfather – the elephant in the room.


  1. My English teacher has a similar-looking elephant figurine which she got as a present on her trip to Africa. 🙂
    But hers is jet black.

  2. James Moralde says:

    This looks like something you too can pass along to your grandchildren, James. 🙂

    Is that pair of tusks ivory, or painted wood? The cloth, btw, speaks of India.

  3. The rug is an antique Persian rug we picked up at an auction recently. Really makes the room it’s in look nice.

    The tusks are ivory, actually. And yes, this elephant (and its mate) will hopefully continue in the family for many, many years.

  4. Well it looks like an antique to me.. So beautiful.. Should be taken extra care of and should pass from one generation to the other! Picture was also excellent!

  5. So James, where do you think the elephant is from..I mean is it an Indian Elephant or the African one. Only close inspection can tell…I think its an Indian Elephant (which actualy means the ones found in Sumatra, Borneo, Indonesia, Burma, etc). Because of the shorter ears..the african Elephant also I think has a much fiercer look.

  6. You’re right about the ears – they define this as an Indian Elephant.

  7. I do like that elephant. He is handsome creature

  8. I actually have 10-15 elephants of various sizes just like that one. My grandmother told me that her aunt got them after a trip to burma. Some of them still have little paper tags on them but the price is so faded its hard to read

  9. Aren’t elephants supposed to be good luck? The first thing that I noticed on this artwork, is the elephant’s eyes. Little, but captivating.

  10. wow this is cool elephant, best for souvenir. the composition is still standing. very nice! i adore the guys who made that thing.

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