Mama duck brought over a troop of ducklings in the canal to our dock in the hopes we had some offerings. Who can resist ducklings? We obliged, of course.


  1. OMG!! how cute it is..
    Wonderful photography and would like to know more information regarding it.
    Keep it up:)

  2. Anne Moss says:

    Too cute! Couldn’t resist following the title in my RSS reader and I’m happy I did. Glad I did – nothing beats ducklings with my afternoon coffee 😉

  3. Nice shots. I’ve been using a point and shoot camera for my photo blogs until recently when I upgraded to a Canon EOS 550D. I’m still playing with it and can’t wait until I post some photos. All I need now is that photographic eye 😉

  4. The first picture looks cute same as the two little ducklings with there mom

  5. Tahsina Smith says:

    Oh I have a very similar photo to the first picture of the little duckling, although yours is much clearer and in focus!!! Well done!!

  6. I like the second photo with mama duck. Mama duck looks very motherly in it. With the first picture, I’ve seen ducks on water but this is the first time that I saw how they actually swim. I never saw their feet like that in water.

  7. I like the reflection in the first photo! cool job, dude!

  8. They really were way too cute.

    @Anne – I just like afternoon coffee in general.

    Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!.

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