Crab on a stick

crab on a stick

In what will be the first of probably way too many photos from my summer vacation, I give you “Crab on a stick.” This guy was wandering across the drive way at the beach house we stayed at in Ocracoke, part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Wave a lolly pop stick in front of him, and presto! Crab on a stick!


  1. Heh heh, what a fab photo! Great perspective and shallow depth of field – and a great, comical shot!

  2. Great photo – it really made me smile. Certainly one determined crab. snap snap.

  3. Very creative work.
    A appreciate it so much.

  4. That is too funny!! But where is his other claw?

  5. Thanks for the comments, all!

    Betsy – this was one of those crabs with one huge claw and one tiny one. His small claw is the yellow arm on the opposite side, and has a few grains of sand stuck to it, so you can barely tell it’s a claw at all.

  6. great pics and i really loved the one with the crab 😉

  7. Tian Zhe says:

    A lovely crab!!

  8. That’s pretty impressive 🙂 my contract doesn’t expire until next June *sob*

  9. (sarah mia is replying to my tweet about this post where I talked about how sharp the detail is for an iPhone 4 photo)

    You could always do what I did. Take a perfectly good iPhone 3Gs and submerge it in water so that the screen no longer works, then figure out how to creatively obtain a new phone (regardless of the contract).


  10. Hi James thanks for sharing this funny photo of yours. I like your unique taste of art. By the way what happen to the crab hehehe.

  11. I think you are the new “Crocodile Hunter”… er… at least the “Crab Hunter”, I reckon. Crikey!

  12. This photo was really unique and it is quite funny and cute. And you captured it right and very clear. I wonder what kind of crab is that, only one big claw and it has tiny one. Can we eat that kind of crab, it looks delicious!

  13. Oh, he just fell off and scuttled away.

    Too small to eat – his body was smaller than a golf ball.

  14. Thats’ a fab photo! check this: – the 5th photo in that folder…

  15. Oooo… moth on a stick. 🙂 That’s some quality insect photography there.

  16. That’s my best friend’s work up there..he doesn’t knwow how to make money from it…guess he is too lazy! an artist but not a what he says!:D

  17. Is that crab is taking a cigarette?

  18. I haven’t figured it out, either. I think this site has made $18 since I started it… :-p

  19. :D.

  20. Nice photo the crab protect its life by biting the stick because that is an instinct of a crab.

  21. This is funny photo crab on stick, I think it is ready to cook………nice and clear photo. Thank you for sharing us.

  22. Elizabeth Wilson says:

    Amazing photo it’s better two crabs in the edges of the stick.

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