Zip Line Adventures

We had a ton of fun zip lining yesterday. My parents were visiting, and we drove up to Lincoln and enjoyed Alpine Adventure’s Treetop Canopy Tour.

It was awesome… check out the video!


  1. Hey! That was really awesome! Woo-hoo!

  2. I have always wanted to go zip lining. Looks like you had a total blast. I am hoping to do it one day on some Caribbean cruise. That is of course if I can ever get my hubby to take me on one.

  3. Wayne John says:

    Funny enough, I was talking with someone this weekend who told me about a zip-line at someplace here in Southern California that I can’t for the life of me remember right now. Sigh. Catalina!!! That’s where, Catalina Island off the coast of California.

    I would SOOO love to go there and do that.

  4. It was SO MUCH FUN. I know, you can’t tell by my reaction, right? 🙂 If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.

  5. James Moralde says:

    Cooool! Now, I really want to do that. An officemate told me of a twin zip line in some place an hour away from where we live. They say it’s 840 meters long. Lord, that’s almost a kilometer long. Should I be able to experience a ride, I’d definitely take a video of it lke you did.

  6. That looks like so much fun, I really like that it seems as though you were the only ones there, so no queing for ages to get one go on the zip wire (Apologies if I am wrong).

  7. James – if you get the opportunity, you should totally do it.

    Lynne – that’s how it was. We were in a group of nine, and the team there does a great job of keeping the tour moving (and safe).

  8. Man that looks like so much fun. Im so jealous

  9. Danielo says:

    Wow, this video looks amazing. You seem to have an awesome experience there. Zip lining is really an exciting recreation. It gives you a unique experience of being great.

  10. You surely enjoy your zip line adventure even though your video is short I still catch up your feeling in that adventure.

  11. That very exciting trip, I must try that one.

  12. What an amazing experience. It’s like experiencing the foretaste of…

  13. Great! I like to experience the Zip lining, nice video when Iam watching the video I feel flying in the air. Thank you for sharing us.

  14. Zip line adventure is great looks like interesting I try it soon I like to experience this kind of adventure. Thank you for sharing us.

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