reflecting on Dad

This weekend between Father’s Day and Independence Day (USA), I was reflecting on a few things. What it means to be a dad. What my Dad means to me. In that spirit, I present this portrait of my Father, who drove four days and over 3,000 miles to see me this weekend.

Love ya, Dad.


  1. Lets hear it for the dads! btw the picture you took is awesome!

  2. This is an image that makes just about everyone think of their dad. Nice shot.

  3. Well i love to walk on wet soil with bare feet! Excellent picture taken! Great Sharing

  4. Your photography is excellent and so beautiful. I like it.

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  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

  6. Great image, James 🙂

    A few months ago, my dad was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), so Father’s day was important for me this year as well and a good deal of reflecting was done.

    Now, I’m not normally one to drop stuff like that on a public site, but this photo really captured MY mood as well and wanted to say so.

    Good Job 🙂

  7. That’s an incredible story and an incredible picture!


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