Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)

red clover

Probably my last shot from the J&F Farms, this is commonly known as red clover. It’s used by many farmers as it helps put nitrogen back into the ground.

I really liked how well the 50mm lens did with this image – check out how detailed it is blown up:


  1. I like the detail you got in these shots, were they taken in the field, or just shielded?

  2. These were taken in the field, 50mm prime lens gets the credit for how sharp they were.

  3. We use one of the afs 1.4 nikon 50mm’s, and they are mindblowingly sharp, and also so good in the out of fucus parts of the image. Thanks for sharing

  4. That’s a killer lens. If I were making my living with my camera, that would definitely be in my bag.

  5. Lew D'Souza says:

    I liked the natural and detailed look of the flowers! Great work!

    Lew D’Souza
    Wedding Photography Toronto

  6. wow! can actually see the strands of hair on the leaf! Amazing!

  7. Looks incredible. A lot of photos like this, that are of something simple, rely heavily on the detail that comes with it and being able to see the tiny hairs on the plant and the drops of moisture really make it look so beautiful. Definitely a photo to put up on your wall if you love flowers and nature because it’s so simple and pure.

  8. its amazing how sharp prime lenses are – definately worth investing in. great shots

  9. @Neil – as a pro photographer, what would you save up for next if your only gear was:

    50mm 1.8
    18-105mm f3.5 to f5.6
    70-300 f4.5 to f5.6

    Part of me really wants the NIKKOR 105mm macro… but if I buy that, it puts off the 24-70 2.8 even longer. Those second two lenses are kind of cheapy, and not very sharp.

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