Image Rights

Part of what I’m doing here is learning how to manage a blog, and learning how to take pictures, too. Somewhere along the way, I am going to start trying to earn some money from my photographs. Stock photography will not replace my income, and I’m not that serious of a photographer… but if I can earn a buck or two here and there to help offset the cost of my photo equipment, that’s a win.

I found this video interesting. Especially for photographers who visit this site, it might get you thinking a little bit.


  1. Timely post, James.

    I’ve recently been reconsidering my use of the Creative Commons license for the photos I’m beginning to post. Although I’m a ways off before I consider my images good enough to be paid for their use, I still need to consider my hopes for the future.

    And, some research has me doubting its value. Copyright in general is a mess right now it seems, but most professional photographers seem to hate the CC in particular. And their arguments are simple and make sense. I’ll probably be reverting to a standard “All rights reserved” copyright before long. More research is needed on my part…it’s a large confusing issue.

    Anyway, good post 🙂

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