Happy Father’s Day

gerber daisy

For Father’s Day, I am sharing some photos of flowers I received this year. Big thanks to my in-laws – they’re lovely.

I was going to post some stuff about my Dad, but he’s going to be here in a few days, so I’m thinking a portrait might be possible. Dad – love you more than I can express on a simple blog post. Can’t wait to see you!


  1. Lew D'Souza says:

    Great color combination! I loved the picture!

    Lew D’Souza
    Wedding Photography Toronto

  2. Amazing work!The colors are beautiful!

  3. Stunningly beautiful flowers! i love the texture of the first photo!

  4. Gorgeous, beautful flowers. The colours are exquisite.

  5. Pretty flowers! Nice fathers day gift..:)

  6. What an incredible combo of flowers, such bold colours that are perfect together. I would be so thrilled to receive such a lovely gift.

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