Flame and Smoke

flame and smoke

Mosquitoes can be a problem where we live, so we sometimes use citronella torches to encourage them to go elsewhere.

What I like about this  shot is how the motion of the smoke was captured.


  1. Yes, and I also think you have captured the ‘sooty’ look of the smoke and the yellowness of the flame very well.

  2. Trav_osler says:

    This is real good captured picture, look up to the smoke i see sume people up there.

  3. preston says:

    These are some excellent pictures, did you happen to use any Canon rebels?

  4. preston says:

    I wonder if the trail of smoke could be intensified with longer exposure?

  5. # 1 fan says:

    I love the smoke trail… it’s so ethereal but also reminds me of some middle eastern design

  6. This site loaded much quicker than mine, what hosting do you use?

  7. Thanks, everyone! I am happy with how this turned out. In the uncut image, there is a lot more smoke, but as it drifted higher, it spread out more and became less interesting as it had much blurrier edges as it spread. I liked this cropped version because the smoke is so sharply defined.

    @Preston – that would be lost with a longer exposure. The 1/1600 shutter speed allowed me to get a very crisp image of the smoke at that exact instant, and I think that’s why it worked. As for my equipment, I’m a Nikon guy, and am currently shooting a D90. This image was taken with the fairly pedestrian NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens.

    @karen – I host with midphase, and am very happy with my page load speeds and how much better they are since leaving GoDaddy (whose pages take 2.3 times longer to load, even though I doubled the amount of plugins since switching).

  8. i love the smoke…

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