Falling Down

leaning fence

This fence is on the corner lot near my home, and it’s been slowly falling down over the past eight months. Looks like the utility pole stopped the spread of any malaise.


  1. # 1 fan says:

    “spread of any malaise”?? Malaise?? first “draconian” and now “malaise”. yeah, I know what they both mean, but don’t know I would have used malaise here (draconian was used in a recent private conversation, for any who might wonder, & while a bit erudite, it was definitely quite apropos and probably the most succinct word for the topic under discussion) lol

    So here we go: (don’t know how to do italics on this post) – (& yeah, I get it. I get both malaises from time to time myself…… and definitely identified with the fence on both counts, too.) I’m guessing the fence, only meaning 1a. unless rot is a disease.

    1.a condition of general bodily weakness or discomfort, often marking the onset of a disease.
    2.a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort.

    Oh, James, this blog is too fun…. !!

  2. Well, now, living in New Hampshire, I get to see things change much faster than they did in Arizona. The amount of water that falls from the sky, both snow and rain, combined with the wind, humidity, and extreme temperatures, has given me an appreciation for how alive this planet is.

    If I’ve given this fence a label that is better suited for a living thing, perhaps that’s where it comes from?

    And if that doesn’t work for you, how about we call it poetic license? The same kind of poetic license that allows me to start a paragraph with the word, “and.”

  3. James Moralde says:

    My son is still asleep as I am doing this comment, but I’m sure he’d say he’s reminded of Pooh if he sees this pic. Well, having watched Pooh movies with my son, I can let go of the kid inside and almost see Winnie the Pooh lingering around the periphery of this scene. Perhaps a board is nailed somewhere up that post right there with the words ‘Pooh Corner’. 🙂

  4. # 1 fan says:

    awwww, J Moralde, thanks for the Pooh Corner reference…. Love 100 acre wood and all that, too!!
    So now I can hear Christopher Robin’s reassuring voice, “Don’t be worried, Piglet, that de-fence is a bit wobbly.
    Don’t be of-fence-d or sad, Eeyore. Probably some heffalumps just huffed by. Or maybe Rabbit was digging a hole under the post. Let’s go ask Wise Old Owl about it.” yeah, that’s fun, too!

  5. Awww..! I love the blue against the green..awesome…

  6. I really like the diagonal lines of this photo – my one suggestion would be to try it in a B&W and see how it works with the contrast. I really enjoy the vertical red wood pole – nice color 🙂

  7. J, the fence gives a nive line of focus, but what I think is outstanding is the way you’ve caught the light balance in four distinct phases first three with the depth of field , bit it’s the switch from light to dark L >> R with the back bit of the fence leading into the dark pocket that grabs me – got me real curious abou where that fence led into that darkness.

    Good work and thanks for inspiring me to find great shots in everyday places as I take in the dawn from my bivy.


  8. I really don’t know the meaning of Malaise!

  9. I like how the pole kept the malaise at bay. I really am glad I checked this one out today.

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