Apple Core

iPhone 3Gs

So this is what the core of the Apple iPhone 3Gs looks like.

I didn’t want to know this, but when I dropped it in the sink, I opened the phone to let it air out. It unfortunately is permanently damaged. The backlight doesn’t work, so I cannot read the screen unless it is in direct sunlight or another bright light.

I’ve been living this way for almost a month now. Painful. When does the iPhone 4 come out?


  1. Sorry about your trusty iPhone, I think the iPhone 4 is already out, not too sure 😉

  2. Uh oh – what my kids do when they dunk their phones is put them in a container filled with uncooked rice. It sucks the water out somehow, and has worked at least twice.

    I was under the impression that the new phone comes out this week.

  3. Yes, the new phones come out Thursday… but it appears that there is some uncertainty as to whether the supply will match demand.

    I did the rice thing – but with the phone cracked open as you see here to really allow the water to evaporate. Sadly, it appears that the water damage shorted out the backlight permanently.

  4. How did you manage to drop it in the sink ?

  5. OOOO my god !! iphone 4 ?

  6. mel, it’s the iPhone 3GS.Now you have some reasons for the upgrade!=)

  7. Hi, don’t worry. Iphone 4 is already released and it launched on June 22, 2010. It can be pre-ordered in many online stores. Don’t worry Be Happy. Take out this old one and buy a new one.

  8. it looks like we really should invent a mobile with water-proof.

    there are too many phone droped in the water evey year, even every month.

    of course, the price should be acceptable, or it will not have big market.

    I phone is great but it has a bit expensive for me. actually, we alsmost not use those function usually.

  9. Well today is the official release day – I’m excited, quite frankly.

  10. Well this is a special picture.. The reason behind this is everyone wants to know what their apple phones interior look like but none would open it deliberately.. its great that you have shared this picture

  11. Terribly sorry about your phone! the interior doesn’t look ‘Apple’ at all.

  12. No wonder this picture captures so many people’s attention. We use Apple product everyday but seldom opens it. Not even when changing the battery. 🙁

  13. at first i thought you open your iphone in purpose, dont know the real purpose. so sorry to hear that. but at least you get 2 new benefit. first it make a great picture, second have reason to buy a newest one..

  14. Manuela says:

    I never opened my iphone like this. looks horrible. But your curiosity is appreciable.

  15. Interesting to see what inside an iphone. Never tried like this.

  16. Interesting! So have you taken apart your iPhone 4 yet?

  17. This is so funny! I was so baffled when my boyfriends iphone was lagging and I told him to take the battery out and put it back in… needless to say, he got a good laugh… I sent him the link to this page! Thanks for helping out our inside joke!

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