Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

abandon hope

This time Fred Conlon’s Gnome-be-Gones, Gnimrod and Gnorbert (left to right) have something very diabolical planned for these poor unsuspecting gnomes.

No Gnomes were harmed in the making of this photo, though I admit to a slight twinge on my right thumb from picking up Gnimrod just a little too soon.

How many gnomes can you find in this photo?


  1. Hmmmm, I think there are 3 gnomes.

  2. Never mind, there are five.

  3. Ashokarishta says:

    i can find 4 gnomes.

  4. chase parlee says:

    hahah this is awesome. I love night pictures of fire too soo cool.

  5. James Moralde says:

    Five! The two gnomes at the back are almost ready to burst in flames. OMG James, did you pick them back up in time? 🙂

  6. I found five in less you are counting the two demon creatures then it 7:) All you need here is marshmallows and the picture would be perfect, maybe marshmallow gnomes?

  7. 5 gnomes..two right at the back..totally gelling with the fire!

  8. I LOVE the gnome bandits! I count five gnomes, one with a ‘shroom, and two gnome bandits.

  9. I definitely see 5.

    On a side note, wow, odd picture! LOL

  10. Heh… there are five. I burned my fingers when I picked them up. 🙁

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