Rambling Roses

rambling rose

I played with this image in both color and black and white. Not sure which I like best. I think if I had it to do over again, I would have put the camera on a tripod and reduced the aperture so I could have a shorter depth of focus.


  1. I think for this one, colour works best for my taste.

    I find taking flower pictures like this difficult as there are a lot of “little” things going on with the subject. Do you focus the entire flower? Just a portion?

    I find the out of focus section to the left (sorry, not up on flower jargon 😉 ) is a little distracting, but otherwise I like the composition 🙂

  2. The color version looks better IMHO. The b/w version doesnt have any life and besides that the depth also doesnt help much. If you had a deeper depth of field the b/w version would have been better. just my view. open to interpretations.

  3. Nice photos.Your artistic ability is very nice.I also work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator. That’s are very effective software for making illustrative artworks.I love them very much.

  4. Jezzelle says:

    You capture it really nice, especially the first picture. I love how you edit it. I’m a big fan of photography and I really want to learn how to edit pictures too. I even wanted to study photography, i have a software in editing pictures but I don’t have an idea how to use it, maybe I will take some tutorial someday. 🙂

    Good Work!

  5. I both love the two versions of the picture but I kinda feel more the black and white one. To me it’s just more dramatic. Nice!


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