Clock Tower

clock tower

Taken at The North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this is part of the church’s steeple.


  1. Nice one.

    I find myself drawn to black and white or darker low-key images.

    If you stick with Lightroom (or photoshop) have a look at Nik Software’s plugins if you haven’t already. Their Silver Effects pro is awesome as well as their “Midnight” preset in Color Effects pro. I used them a lot.

  2. Ryan Cowles says:

    Nice shot James. There’s something about black and white architecture photography that will always be pleasing to the eye.

  3. James, choice of b/w is brilliant. Always a great mode to emote feelings. Dont you think that the image needed to be tilted a tad clockwise? Excuse me, if i had missed something. Just wanted to let you know.

  4. Yes, this image was almost boring in color (the sky wasn’t vibrant enough to provide any pop). B&W made a big difference.

    Thanks for the tips on the plugins. If I end up buying Lightroom when the beta runs out, I’ll keep it in mind.

    Sharp eye, Haran. I think it ended up being just under two degrees off (I corrected it after I published, but hadn’t gotten around to fixing it here).

  5. Beautiful shot, very crisp in quality. Was the shot taken in the morning or towards sunset? Great job capturing the beauty of the architectural details of the church.

  6. I like the Black and white approach that was done to the clock. For me it appeared so elegant and looks so stunning. Great work!!!

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