Cat and Mouse

cat and mouse

Living in the woods, the cats occasionally find some vermin.


  1. This is very successful in black and white. I’m especially enjoying the mixture of whiskers between Sumo and the mouse.

  2. UG, I hate it when my sisters cat brings back little surprises. Absolutely makes my skin crawl. This photo captures that perfectly.

  3. Morten Pedersen says:

    Nice picture, pity about the all to bright light.

  4. Michelle says:

    My dog is excellent in killing vermin! I’m so proud of him! I give him some dog treats when he gets a little mouse. Better than a mouse trap I’d say.

  5. Um, James, did you take this picture inside the house ?

  6. Nice photo, James 🙂

    But, it seriously creeps me out!

  7. Drama…love the contrast, absolute white to absolute black. Was this window lighting?

  8. This photo really works in black and white. Don’t you just love it when your pets bring you gifts?

  9. Thinking about what your cat might do next — or what she/he might have done already — makes me cringe! 🙂

    It’s an interesting photo, though. Your play on contrasts is very clever — black & white; predator & prey; charming cat & repulsive (at least to me) mouse.

  10. excellent use of black and white…the cat looks “have no mercy…” while the mouse looks fully helpless.

  11. Please tell me that mouse isnt dead.

  12. Does the cat killed that mouse? Oh i felt sad seeing that dead rat 🙁

  13. Camille Golden says:

    I found a floating mouse in the bowl.What i did is get a piece of stick and suddenly take that mini mouse.:)

  14. I don’t like mice and when there is even one mouse in the house, we won’t stop until we get rid of it.

  15. CAT AND MOUSE,they don’t normally like each other 🙂

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