Boots – and shooting RAW

Frye Harness Boots

Jared Polin says to always shoot in RAW mode. It’s not something I’ve done until recently (including the sushi shot a few days ago)… but with Adobe offering free use of Lightroom through the end of the month, I’ve been trying it some.

The amount of control you get in Lightroom is amazing… and daunting. Color temperature, saturation, white balance, EXIF data, blacks, contrast, curves, etc, etc, etc…. enough to make you go a little cross eyed while you learn it. Still… I don’t think you can argue with this result. I love the dark blacks and the high contrast. For a quick snap shot, I was able to work it to my liking.


  1. Awesome photo, James. Well done.

    Lightroom is pretty cool, huh? It was one the first programs I purchased after getting my D40 a couple of years back. And I’m still learning it. I’m using version 2, but I doubt I’ll upgrade to 3 until I start taking more photos again AND get a little better with the one I have.

    As for RAW, from the moment I got into photography, that’s all I’ve been shooting (unless it’s just a quick snap). It gives you a lot more options for editing.


  2. # 1 fan says:

    OK, or as your fav niece says, “O-tay”, I’ll bite – what’s it mean “in raw mode”?
    I do like this pic, the contrast is nice and there’s feet in those boots!!

  3. I have been a Lightroom user since the first beta version. Once you become used to the way lightroom works you’ll find you don’t open Photoshop nearly as much. It also works with jpeg files, so if you give up on RAW shooting, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on Lightroom. 🙂

  4. Ryan Cowles says:

    The flexibility RAW allows is absolutely amazing. If you have a shot that is underexposed or slightly overexposed you can correct it with one click. And the control over colors, saturation, tones, contrast, shadows, etc is overwhelming. My quickly filling Hard Drive is proof of my love for shooting in RAW, haha.

  5. Lightroom definitely is an incredible tool. The amount of features and tweaks it offers is amazing. I recently read that in the future lightroom gets capable of auto-correcting lens problems too… aint it super cool? Cheers to adobe.

  6. #1: RAW is the image captured before the camera processes it. When the image is first created by reading the image sensor, the camera will adjust for things like color balance and exposure while the image is still in memory, and then write the image in a compressed format onto the memory card after it has been processed. In RAW, the image does not get processed or compressed, so it has more detail and often needs to be processed manually. The image sizes are much larger, but more flexible when you go to “develop” them.

    …and you can see from the other comments here, we have other RAW fans in the house. 🙂

    Right now, I have the camera set to store the image both RAW and in JPG format, but I’m leaning towards turning JPG off…

    Jason – I don’t even HAVE PS yet, so it’s good that LR has quality tools. Ha!

    My hard drive is filling quickly too, Ryan!

    Haran, so much that is cool about this product…

  7. I do love the RAW look but the photo leaves me wanting more. I would have liked to know more of what was happening in the scene.

  8. Millard Clark says:

    I love this shot – simplicity at it’s best. Leaves a lot to the imagination.

  9. I can tell you what was happening in the scene… I was sitting on a stool in the optical shop where James and I like to purchase our frames. They have a wonderful selection of boutique designers we enjoy and the owner and staff give wonderful service. If you have to wear glasses, may as well have interesting ones! James was having his favorite JF Rey’s serviced and I was getting tired of standing around (in my favorite pair of boots), so I waited and made noises at Lulu the shop dog. I was initally rather irked he took this shot and posted it without permission (whatever happened to rules? Plus, I am a SUPER private person) but am so pleased with the shot that I’m no longer mad at him and he doesn’t have to sleep out in the chicken coop any more 🙂
    James – post a link to JF Rey and that shop in case anyone is interested.

  10. I admit it… I broke the rules, and I feel my shame.

    Thanks for letting me out of the coop. 😉

    How about we showcase Lulu tomorrow and put the link up then?

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