Tiny Snake


When I got home from work yesterday, Claire met me in the garage and said, “Grab your camera. Meet me in the dining room.”

All I could think of was some sort of gross CSI crime scene waiting for me in the dining room (with a cat as the suspect). While I wouldn’t flinch from trying to take exceptional photos in that scenario, that still didn’t match her level of excitement.

In the second image (my favorite of the bunch), I was trying to take the picture with one hand while I held the snake in the other hand. I do not own a macro lens (yet!). Instead, I have some Quantaray close-up filters, but they’re notoriously difficult to use. They create an incredibly shallow depth of focus, and make it very difficult for the camera to focus. I think that really shows up in this image… I just couldn’t get the sharp focus I wanted (but I still love it – what do you think?).

These images were taken with a collection of various different close up filters (from x2 to x7).

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