I had a request for pictures of sheep, so here goes. Baaaaah-h-h!

I took these photos from the road at a nearby farm. The sheep were probably 70 yards away or so, and I was using my 70-300 zoom maxed out to get nice and close. In the last image, this particular sheep had noticed me, and it stared me down until I left.

Wonder what it was thinking…


  1. Ryan Cowles says:

    Haha! The last one is easily my favorite, but the entire series is nice. The composition is nice on all three. The fence in the background on the first two offers a nice break for the eye and the tree on the lefthand side of the third does the same. I like the saturation of color as well. It appears as if the colors were slightly toned down, but this might just be caused by the natural lighting. Either way, it provides a nice feel.

  2. The sheep was wondering whether it looks photogenic or not 😀 I think the last pic as your best of the all, and I could clearly see there is less noise despite having 800 iso and such a zoom range. Great selection of lens bro.

  3. Im not agree with Mark , i like more the first one , its nice you got them all 3 with eating on the same time.

  4. Thanks, guys.

    I’ve been pretty happy with the camera’s performance at 800 ISO. Even though the lens has vibration reduction technology, it isn’t the sharpest glass available. Popping the ISO up a couple stops helps sharpen the images considerably.

  5. I like the third picture also. It really does look deep in thought, for a sheep that is.

  6. being the one who requested sheep pics, I’m glad Asha posed the supposition that in the third pic the sheep is deep in thought… “Is it worth it to charge this guy? Is that lettuce on his breath? Or a pomegranate martini? Where has he been grazing? If he turns and runs, can I butt him in the butt? Nahhhhhhhhhh, I’ll just stare him down….. ” or something like that.

    All are great pics, but I guess I’d prefer frolicking lambs in a field of yellow flowers, what do I know. lol

  7. Vivienne R. says:

    I love the sheep. They are so cute a soft looking. But, it looks like they were just shaved/trimed.

  8. heehee. I love sheep and these photos are stunning. Crazy! Keep up the good work James. cheers!

  9. This probably makes me very weird but I just don’t like sheep. The pictures are nice but sheep creep me out. There have been no weird experiences or anything, I just don’t trust them. I know. I’m strange.

  10. Kathleen Woods from Indianapolis homes for sale says:

    Do you take any real estate photos, and how long have you been into photography?

  11. I haven’t taken any real estate photos yet.

    I started taking it more seriously at the start of 2010. If you look at this blog’s initial pages, you’ll see that the quality is a lot better than it was six months ago. 🙂

  12. Kathleen Woods from Fishers real estate says:

    I am glad you started taking it more seriously. You are really talented, and your quality had improved.

  13. Hi great article thanks for sharing. What countries eat sheep eyeballs? How and why do they do so?

  14. Nice pics. A lot of people get hung-up on the number of megapixels when the lens itself if often more important; especially when it comes to web publishing photos.

    • Great point Alan, I will keep this in mind when taking photos. I recently purchased a NIkkon, so I will have to experiment.

    • It’s definitely all about the glass. I get my best shots from my 50mm 1.8 lens… Next up for my arsenal is to trade my 18-105 zoom for a 24-70. Lower range… but much better glass. I’m looking forward to it.

  15. Mike Woods says:

    Hi James Lee,
    The sheep are great. It’s a tie between the top photo (with the black sheep) and the staring sheep shot. I starting to get into photography too and have posted a bunch of Indianapolis, Indiana photos and pictures. It can become addictive. Do you have any photographs of the Indianapolis or central Indiana area that would be a great addition to my Indianapolis, Indiana website?

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