Red Legos


I expect more from myself, but it’s a lazy morning here in Chester, so here. Legos.

Red ones.

I know, snooze fest. Post if you find anything even remotely interesting about this photo – or flame away.

Besides, I promised Dr. Ann I’d post this image…


  1. John lee says:

    I know another lazy shot you could do. You and your painting.

  2. It may be a lazy shot, but there is still something I love about the great color and texture!

  3. I should clarify – I considered it a lazy post because I was sitting in the sun room and didn’t want to go get my camera so I could upload something more recent.

    Even though I don’t usually put a lot of words on the page, I typically spend at least twenty minutes at the computer per blog post. Typical activities include selecting the image I like the most from a particular photo shoot, editing it if necessary (crop, color saturation, tweak the contrast if needed, et cetera), resizing the image to match the blog, uploading the image, creating the post, optimizing the post for search engine traffic, and then scheduling the post for publishing. In a post with multiple images, the time can stretch to an hour or more, and that doesn’t include the time I took finding something I thought might be worth taking a photo to share.

    So Angela, thank you! I was hoping so when I took this image. It was my submission to the March photo scavenger hunt for the clue “Rectangular.” Here are all the ways people took photos to represent “rectangular” last month:

    John – cannot make that a lazy shot, I want to get the lighting right when I share that. 😀

  4. Though it is a lazy looks great, especially the color

  5. Ah 🙂 This is sweet. We use to call them bricks during childhood. I cant imagine how many models we built using them.. This pic reminded me of those beautiful days. Thank you James.

  6. Can’t help but comment on Lego blocks. Invoked instant memories of my son playing with his blocks, and sadness since he now lives at his Mums. Invoked instant memories of playing Lego myself as a kid. Oh such fun and creativity!

    That’s the sort of shot that gets blown up for pics in kids rooms. The reflections on some of the blocks adds to the interest of the shot.

  7. Thank, Paul and Michael.

    Michael, I totally get it. I don’t discuss much in the way of my family life here, but I understand what you’re going through.

    Wish I had taken this with a proper camera, it would be perfect for hanging on the wall… but it’s an iPhone shot, so it won’t print much larger than a 4×6 (inch) before the pixels start to show.

  8. Very crispy!

  9. The red does give something, a kind of uniformity. I agree lego does evoke powerful childhood memories, although I feel a bit sorry for the kid who only got the one type of red eight block to play with.

  10. This photo would be great for stock photography. You should submit it to some stock photography sites. Red lego is great for building a fire house!

  11. This post actually reminded me about my childhood since lego was a big part of it. Building houses and cars of it everday. Any of you actually been to legoland? It’s amazing, a must when you visit scandinavia!

  12. Red legos… sweet. Just kidding. There is always something interesting about any photograph and what the photographer sees in it. What were you going for in the photo?

  13. I was going for a juxtaposition of order and chaos.

  14. AH, the simplicity of the legos.

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