Queen Anne’s Lace


EDIT: When I originally posted this, I used a word for “unwanted plant” in the title… Β and now Google thinks this is a page for a different subject entirely (you figure it out – I’m not typing it again)… Anyhow – I know now that this is Queen Anne’s Lace.Β 

I found it in an apple orchard. This is about three inches (8 cm) across. The stalks were about three feet (90 cm) tall… maybe a little shorter? If you know what it is, leave a note, eh?

I have to admit, I really like this photo. I upped the saturation just a tiny bit in the treatment below. I think the results were great.

Click the thumbnail below for full size:


  1. looks like a dandelion on steroids

  2. I wasn’t going to leave a comment, but as I’m Canadian the “eh?” compelled me to do so!

    I like this one James. I have no idea what it is, but I like the way the background interacts with the subject: makes it look “creepy”.

  3. 10 kw generator says:

    maybe it is Herba Taraxaci

  4. this is one of the plant type like aamankku, which is grow dry lands, great photography.

  5. Since you brought this up into the foray, we should name it after you πŸ˜€ no offense meant. Just trying to leverage the situation.. he he.. and James did you notice the power of 50mm in this pic? Long live primes.

  6. Nice thing dude.It’s spacious features looks very beautiful.I also want to made this for my computer. Please give me the full size photo thus I can use it.You can upload it in flicker.

  7. I particularly like the desaturated colours in this picture – it gives the plant a metallic feel almost as if it were a man made object that has been left to rust. I’m going to guess an aperture of f2.8 for this shot? Great picture you’ve portrayed it in a really unique light.

  8. Lucy Bateman says:

    Great photograph, what lens did you use?

  9. My nifty-fifty – Nikkor 50mm f/1.8.

  10. You definately have a way with pictures. How something so simple can look so beautiful.

  11. I agree with “fan#1” it’s a dandelion on steroids, or it just really ate its fruits and vegetables when its mom told it to. But as the years went on and the hard winters took a toll on it, it ended up looking like this at old age. Besides that, great photo, as always. I’m such a fan of all your pictures πŸ™‚


  12. Thanks, Taylor.

    It was good to look at this again… I’ve since learned that it is Queen Anne’s Lace.

  13. Great shot. I see alot of these plants out walking the dog, not too sure what they are.

  14. Great photo. It looks like a piece of art made by a talented artist… well, thinking of it, isn’t nature the most talented artist? But you definitely grasped a beautiful image of it.

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