Get off the phone!

get off the phone!

Another monthly scavenger hunt image from March (how many more of these do I have?). The clue was “Get off the phone!” I thought this was creative, but not well thought out. For example, if I had time to retake this, I would make the background more interesting, and I would have taken the image with better light (not at 9 PM in a dark garage with a messy, distracting background).


  1. Incredible shallow depth of field. The background got a beautiful bokeh effect. I guess you placed the camera on the floor and clicked this pic? or were you lying on the floor flat? Great find buddy.

  2. Heh… I was lying on the floor on my belly.

  3. Messy background? Considering all the time we spend cleaning and organizing the garage… hmpf!
    P.S. If you are tired of posting scavenger hunt shots, why continue? You have many other pics which are interesting and of higher quality.

  4. It’s visually messy… blue, green, orange, red, black… that’s all I’m sayin’.

    Besides, I couldn’t get down on my belly if the garage were dirty.

  5. Interesting photos. I see you are truly having fun with your cameras. Once suggestion is that looks like the boots is not giving any pressure to the phone. It’s simply resting on it, instead of “getting ride of the phone…”

  6. Heh… too true. The boots were… *ahem* empty.

  7. Now, if that were your cell phone with an incoming call from your office in the evening, my feet would be in the boots for sure!

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