Crocus Macro


Ready for your extreme close up?

I took this with a 50mm lens, then stacked x1, x2, and x4 Quantaray close-up filters to get really close to the action. These filters give the camera an extremely shallow DOF, and I think it really highlighted this flower nicely.


  1. Ryan Cowles says:

    This is yet another really nice shot! The soft edges of the Crocus work out really nice. I also think using the closeup filters offers a slightly different effect than using a macro lens. I have seen countless macro shots of flowers, but this is something different and very pleasing to the eye. Nice work James!

  2. # 1 fan says:

    The colors are absolutely amazing. beautiful pic.

  3. Incredible technique. I should admit that the beauty of this pic is due to the addition of filters. Your experiment on that part has paid of well. One of the good macros I have seen in the recent times. Can you elaborate on the lighting detail of this pic? Just curious.

  4. Ryan, thanks very much!

    Craig… no lighting to speak of. This photo was taken just before sunset (but after the sun went below the trees), thus the very soft light.


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