Clohn Art


My brother is a painter. He calls his work “Clohn Art,” and he recently had a project on a web site called Kickstarter, in which people pledged various amounts to support a public art campaign. For my pledge, I received this canvas in the mail earlier this week. I’m really enjoying it…


  1. James Moralde says:

    I like paintings and I like the ones that border on the abstract as the painter can really go at it without the restrictions of reality.

  2. Ryan Cowles says:

    I like this canvas, my eye is really drawn to the right side. How did you light this shot? And how big is the canvas?

  3. The lighting is just interior lighting in that part of the house, which is part fluorescent, part incandescent. I set the white balance on my camera to fluorescent to keep the colors true.

    The canvas is about 12 tall by 18 wide.

    • Ryan Cowles says:

      Nice results for using the interior lighting! I remember having to take some pictures of artwork on canvas in high school, and they were a pain to light correctly.

  4. HMMMMMMMMMMMM – OK, you did specifiy wheelbarrowS, so that’s at least 2 more loads…

    And now I can see that’s not a Zia symbol sun (altho maybe that was a bit of inspiration?), as John patiently explained to me (it was hard to tell on the kickstarter video)

    Nice work, John!!!! I’m lovin’ it. And James, where you gonna hang it?

  5. john Lee says:

    12 by 19 actually, I’m glad you’re enjoying it…

  6. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s hanging in the mud room. We took it all over the house but the best spot was near the entrance to the garage – it fits perfectly, the natural light through the doors is excellent and we are able to see it many times throughout the day as we come and go. It really looks fantastic!

  7. See, I was just going to say that this painting is hanging in the side entry vestibule, where we can see it every day.

  8. That’s what I said.

  9. John Lee says:

    only you said mud room, I’m glad you guys like it, I liked it too, didn’t want to send it.

  10. Andrei says:

    wow nice picture man …i love the cattles and the guy eyes 🙂
    nice nice nice

  11. like it a lot. i love paintings and this is awesome. also because it is for a good cause.

  12. I think that the combination of colors works so well in this particular painting. It is definitely an eye catcher!

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