What’s for dinner? Asparagus! With some lovely tilapia and rice pilaf. Don’t forget the Hollandaise¬†sauce…


  1. You gotta love asparagus – the meat of the vegetable world in my opinion! Love it. Great shot James!

  2. Yummy. Love the bokeh effect, all the other foods, altho also yummy, a bit out of focus compared to the asparagus.

  3. I’m not a big fan of asparagus, but every once in a while you just have to toughen up and swallow. My mom used to force this down on me at dinner.

  4. Put a little crab meat on it and we would call it “Tilapia Oscar”!
    Great shot James!

  5. I am feeling so hungry now. Wiating for the cheetos…

  6. I really enjoyed reading your recipes. very nice indeed. I found your blog quite by chance using our old friend Big ‘G’ whilst looking for something else food related. Anyhow, enough of the gassing, Nice Site, Good info, I’ll definately be back for another look. Please also visit my blog when you have a few moments to spare. Absolutely adore Asparagus!

  7. I’ve never tried asparagus but it always seem to form part of a totally delicious recipe that I want to be able to try! I should probably give it a go but something has put me off it and I have no recollection of who or what achieved that. Never cooked it, never eaten it so now I have an insurmountable fear of it.

  8. The secret to good asparagus is to not overcook it.

    I never liked it until I met Claire – she really knows how to steam asparagus. It’s also good cut into one inch sections and saut√©ed.

  9. Mmm, delicious looking. I love Tilapia, too, because you can pair it with almost anything. Did you steam or saute the asparagus?

  10. Delicious, never cooked it myslef though, only eat it in restaurants. Its too special, I would muck it up.

    • It’s really very easy. Put an inch of water in a skillet/frying pan, and bring it to a boil. Throw the asparagus in, and let it cook for 6 or 8 minutes. When it’s bright green, pull one out and test it. The best flavor is while they’re still a little crunchy.

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