Pepe and Pasquale

penguins and fish

Just a couple of PUMA penguins looking for something to eat at the Naked Fish.


  1. Interesting picture. It would be good to expand your portfolio of pictures and having a deeper understanding of what kind of style you use, what techniques and thus make more objective criticism, but I quite like this picture, the scene is clear and contains clear elements. Keep working on this. Luck and thanks for showing the photograph.

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  2. From the looks fo Pepe and Pasquale, I think they’ve already eaten too much FROZEN fish.

    UL, did you look back through some of the earlier pics taken with the Nikon? The blog has definitely been a work in progress, and these earlier pics being posted while Nikon is being repaired show a lot of growth (imho – in my humble opinion ;-).

  3. To be frank I don’t have that much knowledge to criticize your skills, all I can say is that I like this photograph, I’ve always had a knack for sepia tones, I don’t know exactly why 🙂 . Congrats and keep up the good work!

  4. Hahahaha! What a weird picture, I love it!

    I would just say that there is some banding in the sky, perhaps a little less PS work would help that – but I like it as it is!

  5. Thanks, all. A bit of background on this shot:

    I borrowed one of the penguins, and didn’t have time to wait for the right weather (you can really see the rain on Pasquale on the left), and I was shooting with a borrowed point-and-shoot camera from Ritz while my camera was being repaired. No polarization filter and very bright gray skies… and about two minutes to set up the penguins and take the shot.

    The sky came out almost white… other than that, the colors were okay, but it was so much sky and it didn’t look good at all. If I had Photoshop, I probably would have tried to make the sky blue and used the shot in color, but I don’t. I use the on-line photo editing software Picnik, and it is pretty limited in what it can do, so after a few attempts, this is what came out.

    It made me laugh, so I had to share!

  6. “Just a couple of PUMA penguins looking for something to eat at the Naked Fish.” LoL, good instrumentation of the environment Ronald

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