Making Pizza

pizza dough

Another one from the archives – making pizza on a Friday night.


  1. Love to eat pizza! Friday nights are men’s night to watch sports on t.v. specially when our favorite teams on the NBA clashes! We really order pizzas and beers.

  2. Buddy, if you have the color version of this pic please post it. I wanted to see that as well. Did you get it without much shake because I have a shaky hands and always feel afraid to click @ slow shutter speeds.

  3. Camille, that sounds good to me! We had home made pizza again last night… delicious!

    You can see the blurring on the empty hand by the thumb in the color version. The lens was wide open at f/3.5. That is the widest that glass goes, so that’s why it was shot at such low shutter speed (well, that and no flash). I’m considering the nifty-fifty, as the aperture is so much wider.

    So how did I get the shot this still? Tripod mounted camera, and a wireless remote control for the shutter.

  4. I used to make pizza with my parents when I was younger, but haven’t done it in years I wouldn’t even know where to begin! I think the black and white version adds a little more of a nostalgic feeling to it.

  5. Great idea! I think I’ll make pizza with my younger siblings this coming Friday as well, since they’re on spring break and I’m sure they’d love to do something fun like make their own pizzas.

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