The geese are glad the ice melted. I missed getting a shot of the geese in the background landing on the water as I fumbled for the auto focus. Drat! The images showed great, but out of focus, action.


  1. Its always a safe practice to have to auto focus on, so that we dont miss the decisive moment. I have spoiled so many good composition photographs with poor focus and aperture settings. But everything is a learning experience.

  2. It really makes you feel like spring has sprung in this picture. I know in the midwest it is almost 60 today. Hopefully the snow and bad weather is gone for the year.

  3. This shot is another snoozefest – you are capable of posting much more engaging images.

  4. Nice photo, but nothing really special. Claire thinks you are capable of posting much better shots, I dont know you but im sure shes right.

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  5. It does make me long for spring. I do like the geese out of focus in the background. Gives it a different look.

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