Brooklyn Local #2

brooklyn local 2

The Beer Advocate says this beer has a “dark fruit character, some sweetness like dark brown sugar an a bit of clove.”

The Daily Loaf talks of its scent of  “sweet honey, citrus, roasted grain, alcohol, and milk chocolate.”

Beer Critic says it “begins bubbly, sweet, and washy, middles to a fruity candy, finishes dark with some bitterness.”

I say it’s not for people who like mass-produced American beers: it’s neither fizzy nor overcarbonated. This brew has personality and purpose. I like a dark beer, and this one didn’t disappoint.


  1. greenlants says:

    I guess as far as beer goes I would be a more light color beer drinker. I tend to stay away from the dark, heavier ones. And just for a chuckle: when I saw the title of this in my RSS feed, I was SURE the picture would be of a Fire Station 😛 Didn’t think it would be beer.

  2. awesome photo, makes me thirsty.

  3. So there were a bunch of guys at a beer convention, and the guy from Brooklyn # 2 joined the Budweiser guy and the Coors guy for lunch. The Coors guy, trying to be nice, ordered a Budweiser, and the Budweiser guy ordered a Coors. They both looked to the Brooklyn # 2 guy (to break the tie? to one up?…. ). The Brooklyn # 2 guy orders a coke. “Aren’t you gonna have a beer?” one of the other guys ventures. “Nah. If you two aren’t drinking, I’m not going to either”.

    (yeah, OK, the real joke, the Brooklyn # 2 guy is really from Guinness, and the Budweiser and Coors guys both order their own brand, but comics all reserve the right to re-write, right?)

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I loved this one.

  5. I have never tried this beer! 🙁

  6. gotta love the micro brew craze. We travel a lot for work and every town we stay we try and find a local brew. cool post

  7. I couldnt believe this pic of a finely brewed beer. Looks like black coffee with cream layer desaturated on top 😀 I have never tried this beer, but I really wanted to do. I have had japanese beer before. thats it 🙂

  8. I know nothing about beer but if it’s really as good as all three of those quotes make out, I wouldn’t mind some! See, this is how people end up drinking too much, when people are describing beer as having a scent of ”sweet honey, citrus, roasted grain, alcohol, and milk chocolate.”
    Now I’m not a beer drinker (or an alcohol drinker of any description) but that makes me want a beer! That’s what you call some good writing lol.

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