Beaver Lake at sunrise

Beaver Lake

Not much to say about this image. I love where I live.


  1. James Moralde says:

    OMG James, this is where you live?! You realize of course how blessed you are to behold this masterpiece every day at sunrise. And I can also imagine what sunset would look like there. Hey, can you also post a sunset pic (unless you already have and I just missed it 🙂 )?

  2. I do realize it, yes.

    To clarify, I don’t live on this lake, but it’s just a few miles from home, and I drive past it most days.

    Best sunset shot I have at this point:

    • James Moralde says:

      I love both (although the sunrise pic has more contrasts and contains some of my favorite colors). I could take instant vacations just looking at these pics.

  3. Not much needs to be said about that picture.. It speaks for itself greatly with the beauty of nature.

  4. I love this shot it’s so beautiful. I think nature is one of the best creation on this little earth. Yesterday, while driving home I saw a double rainbow and thunderstorm. It was very hunting and beautiful at the same time.


  5. If this is where you live, then you must live in heaven.

  6. Great colors! Jealous!

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