Banded Canadian Goose


I took this photo in the fall of 2009. Yesterday, I heard back from the researcher who banded him:

11MA was an adult male banded at Lake Quannapowit, Wakefield, Massachusetts on 6/24/2005. He was banded as part of study to determine the size of Massachusetts resident Canada goose population by mark/resight methods. We estimated the 2005 population was 39,500 birds compared to 38,000 in 1996, the last time such an estimate was made and 26,000 in 1991, the first time and estimate was made using neck collars. Thank you for your interest.

(In case you’re wondering why all the recycled, older, or iPhone based images, I’m still waiting for my Nikon to come back from the shop).


  1. James Moralde says:

    He’d have to chew his food to tiny bits before swallowing. 🙂

  2. is that safe? i thought the anklets looked safer, less chance of choking hazard.

    • Maybe what you think of it is too much.

      i guess that researcher must note your worry before do it.

      after all, they would get more info through this goose. if this goose dead, their work would be empty.

      By the way, the water looks so beautiful, so beautiful.

      it has no possible to find this place in China.

  3. Jeremy, good question – I’m guessing that yes, it IS safe, but only because he’s still running around after four or five years with this collar on. If I had to guess, the larger tags are so the animals can be identified from further away. An anklet requires that you capture the bird to read its identification.

  4. Oh I feel sorry for that goose. It just looks unnatural and cruel for it to be tagged or banded like that. Anyway on those numbers you posted, it would seem from 1996 to 2005 the goose population’s estimated growth is well under 2000? Although from 1991 to 1996 it grew exponentially. What could’ve caused this?

  5. I think it probably is safe to have this neck collar, however maybe it would be more comfortable to have it on the ankle or at least a little looser. It looks tight on his neck.

  6. Utbildningar says:

    It is hard to do this in another way than tagging the gooses. I see some comments above that this is cruel. Don’t now how much this affect the gooses but I think it is not to much.

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