Who’s watching whom?

cats and squirrel

Muffet and Sumo watch the squirrel.

The squirrel watches the cats.

I watch all of ’em.


  1. I have one similar to this. It was taken looking out the home office window. Two cats watching a bird watching a squirrel eat all the seed from the bird feeder. I love it. By the way nice camera. I have owned a D70, D200 and a D300 and loved them all. I hope to get a D3s this year but 5 grand… ouch. Anyway love your site, I’ll be back to see more pics, keep up the good work. Best regards, Jeff

  2. That is such a great picture. I live on a mountain and I love to watch the racoons and deer come up to the house and eat out of the bird feeder. The racoon is practically trained like a cat.

  3. And I watch you, there, at your computer screen, reading this. I know your every… what, no I don’t. Lucky guesses. I think that is a good picture though, I thought it was aligned ready to take a shot at the squirrel then I realised they were cats.

  4. I really love the shadows of the cats! It’s brilliant for just suggesting that they’re there, you don’t need to take a picture of the actual cats. Great pictures, the squirrel looks so cute and unconcerned and the cats look very scary and ready to pounce.

  5. Great shot!!! I like how the focus is in the squirrel, but seeing how we can see your cats eying him, it’s funny, but great. How long did they sit and watch the squirrel? Were their butts moving like they were scoping their prey?

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