I just liked the way this looked.


  1. Heather Kephart says:

    I think it looks wheel nice! (Sorry.)

  2. Ashley Gompert says:

    As simple as this photograph is something about it is really unique. I think it is the pattern that the mud is making, I love it!

  3. Thanks, Ashley, I thought so, too. I was shooting through a chain link fence, so I couldn’t get up close and personal with the machinery, but this shot turned out.

    Heather… ouch. If you end up with some random poem on your blog about pun posts, you had it coming! 😉

  4. That’s really nice! Odd thing is, if you tried to make that kind of cool pattern with a wheel it probably wouldn’t work as well. It’s nice to catch a moment when nature has just done its thing 🙂

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