Walk on water

walk on water

What’s that crazy businessman doing taking a stroll on the lake?


  1. greenlants says:

    Wow that looks really cool, albeit scary. I would like to know how frightening it was. I would have been terrified! Nice shot 😀

  2. No! I know the economy is bad, but don’t give up. Don’t die by freezing in a cold lake, it’s not the right way to go Mr. Business Man. There must be another way.

  3. LOL… funny, Oradan. And yes, greenlants… it was scary, though not at first.

    I was driving back to the office after meeting a vendor in Boston, and I saw this guy standing out on the lake, and I thought it might make a cool picture, so I pulled over. I took my camera bag and put my camera on it, then walked away with the remote control. I had the camera set to snap the photo two seconds after I pushed the button, so the picture could be taken with me walking away.

    Right after I pushed the button and took this step, the ice made a huge popping noise that seemed to extend fifty feet away in all directions.

    I very slowly turned around and walked gingerly back to my camera. My plan of reviewing the image and reshooting as needed went up in smoke, and I got the heck out of there.

    • So this is a self portrait of you, standing on a thin sheet of ice…. The things you do for a nice shot. Though I am glad you got back safe.

      • Wait.. I misunderstood. That is not you out there but some crazy guy… I hope he is ok after you broke the ice.(Gulp)

        • LOL – yes, it’s me. And again, I wasn’t the only one out there. At another lake nearby there are tons of ice fishing huts. It was safe, but I’m from Arizona, so I didn’t feel safe.

  4. James Moralde says:

    James, James, James…the risks you’re taking for cool pictures like this. I wonder, had the worst happened and the ice cracked and you slide down the water, would the photographer in you be quick enough to click the remote again (despite the chaos of fright and adrenaline rush) to immortalize the moment? Hey, that picture would be a hit! 🙂

  5. OK, everyone knows the trick to walking on the water these days is knowing where the rocks are…. and if you don’t know that, stay on shore or in the boat!!
    I thought I recognized the particular gait/stance of that guy out there, but wasn’t quite ready to figure out how this pic came about. Having broken through a shallow iced over pond when I was about 10 (the age is significant!), I know that popping sound can be pretty scary. And the rush of icy water into my boots and up to my knees wasn’t too pleasant either…
    And I never did tell my mom. lol
    what’s that other pic line say “be safe out there, my friends”.
    And yeah, this is all fun, I know you thought it was safe or you wouldn’t venture out. But scary. I’m glad you left when you did.

  6. Emma Smith says:

    Wow, what a great shot! Seriously, you did a great job with this one….even though it sounds a little risky from your story!

  7. Please purchase additional life insurance. Love, your wife.

  8. Jim Black says:

    Great shot, maybe he worked for Lehman Brothers.

  9. This is an amazing shot but really stupid. The ice can crack so easily. He could have died. Its a terrible example to set.

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  10. CGS: I see you live in the UK, so you know a thing or two about winter. While I was nervous when I took this photo (and I am the “he” in this picture, it is a self portrait), it was perfectly safe as already discussed.

    When this photo was taken, ice huts had been on the ice for weeks. People were driving cars on the lakes. It’s New England… it gets cold. 🙂

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