Tree down

tree down
Last night southern New Hampshire got clobbered by over an inch of rain and wind gusts of up to 60 mph. We don’t have power or Internet. The roads all pretty much look like this. This morning, in a failed attempt to get to work I went out with my chainsaw and cleared some of the carnage.

When I got to the Exiter River, I gave up and went home. The river hasn’t just jumped its banks, it’s over to bridge, too. Must be what the weather service was talking about when it said to keep humans and livestock away from all moving water due to the potential “immenent loss of life.”

Now there’s no electricity or Internet, but I have cell phone service.

So now I’m blogging from my cell phone. Ain’t technology cool?


  1. arrrrghhhhhhhhhhh! wow. as long as you stay way clear of those power lines. hope you have a full propane tank for the grill :). kerosene lanterns, puzzles, books (yeah, you got plenty of those). guess the space heaters aren’t much help, tho…. warm up the sun room and hibernate under some blankets.
    technology is amazing, and I’m glad to see your post & know you’re safe 🙂

  2. Technology is really cool. You’re still lucky you still get the access of one. I once experienced having no access to anything at all. It was horrible.

  3. Nice shot! You almost need hazardous duty pay for a shot like that.

  4. Hey, AJ, that’s true. About a quarter mile the other direction there was a crew clearing the road and their chain saw broke… I showed up with a camera in one hand and a chainsaw in the other. Put the camera away… got to work. I admit it, I had fun. Chainsaws are the ultimate tool/toy.

  5. That sounded like Arkansas back in the winter of 2008

  6. I keep my cell charged just for this reason. When our power goes out we lost everything.

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