Thanks, Mom!

digital photography book

And thanks, Dad!

This book arrived in the mail today. Uh-oh… I might start capturing some images that I didn’t know how to take before!

I’ll review the book later, but wanted to say thanks publicly. This book is filled with nuggets of information. Every page has a photo and a miniature lesson as to how it was acquired. Seems like I’ll be able to read it cover-to-cover, or use it as a reference book as needed.

I knew I was into it when I started reading it aloud to my lovely bride… poor thing.

Best part – this is just volume one. Perhaps there will be more in the future!

This photo taken with the on-board flash filtered by a piece of facial tissue. Focal softening added in photo processing.


  1. I read most of it before mailing, and thot either you already knew it or would enjoy knowing it, or both, so glad you’re enjoying it. It seemed to be an easy and enjoyable read but with good info. It was just a teaser for the others, but is it good enough to warrant them?

    PS now we expect another exponential jump in the quality of your pics 🙂

  2. PS – I read some of it aloud to my spouse as well, the author does have a great sense of humor and will make you laugh if nothing else!

  3. I’m a third of the way through it already! And I would not be mad if other books from the series somehow made it into my mailbox. 😉 So yes, they are warranted. Especially with the exponential expectations!

  4. Interesting. My brother has just started getting into photography, he has one of those massive cameras that apparently tell the world you’re a serious photographer. (I think photography is one of those career areas where the bigger and chunkier your equipment, the better you’re supposed to be. You can’t be walking around with a tiny, slim camera and be taken seriously.) I’ve been thinking of something to get him for his birthday but I really don’t know what so I might try getting him a book that will give him hints and ideas.

  5. I’m just getting into this.. Many thanks for the heads up

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