four feet

Feels like Sunday.


  1. Carlos Dagorret says:

    A good Sunday.

  2. Nice picture 🙂 But it’s what, 50 degrees in that room?? Get those toes back under the covers!! lol lol (laughing out loud, lots of love)

  3. I admit it… I LOVE this picture. It was edited to remove some glare. Here’s the original…

  4. Tony Greg says:

    After viewing this pic and guessing what people will think about this I decided that i will always keep my foot in my blanket.

  5. Nice photo!!!

  6. I remember an tired phrase of my mother’s. She said “Get yourself a good set of shoes and a fine bed. You’re always in one or the other.”

  7. I do like this photo. Indicative of days gone by. I personally don’t like my feet being covered when I sleep, maybe that is why I like it so much.

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