rusty pole

Bit of a shout out to my Dad, whose art often includes rust.


  1. 1. AH. 2. Some days are rustier than others. 3. It’s hard to rust when the temperature is so low.

    #1fan: “some days are less profound than others” (and, “i think we have one of these in the back yard” ;-/

  2. OK, here we go: A return shoutout from dad:

    Rust: something a little muratic acid can help.
    Rust (and beauty) is only skin deep, (but sometimes ugly is clear to the bone).
    Rust ~ the patina of the common man.
    Rust… the used car salesmen’s worst enemy, the new car salesmen’s best friend.
    Rust, “the gray hairs of a wrought iron fence” (oops, make that rot iron!!!!!) (does iron rust?)
    Rust = the weak link in a logging chain, the silent enemy of the bridge, and tetanus’ first choice of attack
    Rust –> the sound of the 8 track and cassette tape!
    Earth to earth, dust to dust, oil those brains before they rust.

    But a quietly rusting sculpture is a joy to behold

    Too fun, thanks for a bit of oil for the ole brains, and a great pic besides.

    • Haha, I like this a lot.

      Also, another nice picture. I really enjoy when people can capture everyday things and make you take a second look at them.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of rust! I like how the different shades of rust contrast against each other.

  4. greenlants says:

    I mean it’s not THAT rusty, a little Windex should get that rust right off! 😀

  5. Looks like more than just rust even – like some corrosion there as well. That adds to the color combination, but I’m not sure I’d be relying on whatever that structure supports to hold on for much longer!
    Thanks for visiting my blog btw. Just approved your comment and also switched over to comluv and dofollow 🙂

  6. I’ll be interested to hear if that helps your site garner traffic.

    Tip for future reference: If you use “Anne Moss @ Professional Digital Cameras” as your name, the KeywordLuv plugin will make “Professional Digital Cameras” your anchor text for SEO goodness.

    Would you like me to edit this post’s anchor text? If so, to what?

    As for the lamp post in question, yeah, I wouldn’t want my car parked next to that lamp on a windy day…

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