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Love Letter

you are in my mind

I took this photo for the February 2010 Monthly Scavenger Hunt; the clue was “Love Letter.” I keep this on my desk at work.


  1. This love letter is too cute.. 🙂

  2. Seems to be a corporate person who is frenziedly busy @ work and wanted to express love… Nice one.

  3. Huh. Doesn’t quite do it for me…. and I didn’t know “inbetween” was one word Back in my day, a loved one was “on my mind” , not In my mind. must be that in.bet.ween thing. ;-/ invasion of the body/mind snatchers or a Borg thing? lol

  4. I think the inbetween is poetic license, meant to convey how rushed these little inbetween moments are. From one harried person to another, it conveys a sense that even though the sender’s life is chaotic, her loved one is still present in her mind. Inbetween all those other things.

    I’ve been playing with light and color in the digital dark room. What are your thoughts on the image itself?

    Speaking of which, I got a GREAT capture last night while we were cooking. It was “so-so” at best before I edited it. Now I think it’s a killer shot, and cannot wait to share it here.

  5. I never thought of myself as a “…corporate person who is frenziedly busy @ work” but I suppose that’s accurate most days. It sounds odd and not aligned with my self image (which is a cool self assured nonconformist, of course). WAIT – can you hear that? It’s my paradigm shifting and it’s so loud…

  6. Some para-dime shifts are exponentially worth more – Claire, yours worth maybe $10, mine only a nickel.
    And, speaking only for myself, some attempts at humor are best left un-attempted! *sigh**** (see examples, above & above!!)

  7. nice letter but why you put on your desk i could not understand.

  8. I like the shot. Just enough contrast to make the words stand out from the rest. Was the background highlighted naturally or is the was this achieved digitally? Either way, the effect is subtle yet effective.

  9. @dir – I keep it on my desk because my life is as busy as hers, and she, too, is always in my mind.

    @Ryan – the digital editing on this image is very subtle. It’s a white card on a white foundation in front of a nearly white background. I washed what little color there was left out, and tinted it brown. The highlights you see are natural. I was sitting at my desk at work and noticed how the light coming through the windows was doing something nice, and was lucky enough to capture it… with a phone.

  10. I don’t know much about poetry but I certainly do like the photograph. I like the light & shadow playing on the far side of the fold and this is one of those cases when you cannot figure out the size of the object. It is a very good way to capture something as trivial as a bit of paper.

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