The last snow plow?

snow plow

“It’s a long winter.”

Claire and I say this to each other frequently over the winter. It’s become a bit of a joke, a pressure reliever when you have cabin fever, perhaps.

In truth, it wasn’t a long winter. Not much snow. I know it’s only my second winter in New England, but even the old timers are saying this was pretty mild, at least by local standards.

Today it rained. It rained so much, the weather service issued a flood advisory. It rained so much, I can see grass in my lawn. Seriously… that’s a lot of rain.


  1. greenlants says:

    I’m over snow! I’ve even lived in Nebraska and South Dakota when I was younger, but I was a kid so I thought it was cool. Now as an adult, having to drive to work in snow is now fun at all. : And I live in a place where when you see a few snowflakes, everyone freaks out and the town shuts down.

  2. I’m sure your little brother down in Pittsburgh would gladly give you ALL the snow he’s gotten!!
    But looking at the forecast, you may have complained too soon.
    AND remember what happend last time you complained about lack of snow.
    AND remember You’re the “snow blower” now, and how much fun that is (Not!)
    Meanwhile, I’m loving our sunshine, yes indeed. *smile*

  3. In my 22 years, I’ve learned to give up on trying to predict weather in New England. Very well could be the last plow, or we could still be seeing them in April

  4. @Ryan – too true. I think the events of the past few days reinforce your comments perfectly.

  5. I’m in Michigan and we’ve had it pretty easy here too. I always say it pays to have clean windows and a camera within reach. An almost impossible task in a situation like that but somehow you managed to keep the windshield clean. Nice job.

  6. Rain in winter is just so depressing. We often have rain on Chhristmas day which is awful, winters have been much milder here in the last 20 years or so.

  7. Had some snow recently. One of the local councils (Sheffield) gritted for frost and not snow and choas ensued!

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