One of the clues to the February photo scavenger hunt is “insomnia.” This was my entry.


  1. Nice… I love the blue color cast and how the face is lit by the laptop’s screen

    If you can have a clock on the wall that shows how late it is, that would add more to the theme =)

  2. Really like this shot – and, bizarrely enough, this was me last night! couldn’t sleep, so turned on the laptop, with my wife dozing next to me. It’s a beautifully composed shot, real depth – and a very modern interpretation of insomnia. Nice work!

  3. ….. and just a little creepy, in a “who’s watching you?” sort of way. The cat is also a nice addition

  4. If the cat’s eyes would have been glowing, like it does in the dark when you shine a light to it, would it be a good effect? IMO a clock somewhere on the wall, emphasizing how late it is, might just be a dead giveaway. The photo puts in some mystery to it and only pure images should be in it. No words or numbers, and leave the viewer to his or her own interpretation. =D

  5. There’s a clock on the bedside table, but I thought that shooting through the doorway (from the opposite end of the hallway). Like Alan, with my wife dozing next to me.

    It’s shot with the blinds closed and just a little morning light seeping in. I’m afraid I woke Claire with all the shots I took.

    Oh, and that’s Sumo (for those of you who track our cats) hanging out in this image.

  6. Nice… I love the dark color cast and how the face is lit by the sytems’s screen:::::::::::::::

  7. Thank you!

    Reminder – this blog has a comment policy that requires the use of your name (but allows keyword rich text). Hope you visit again; I am happy to have your links thusly.

  8. Nice picture…….. I love it especially color blue. Blue is one of my favorite color. Anyway This picture emphasized that there was a man can’t sleep he have insomnia . It reminds me of my insomnia days. Me too i have insomnia before I can’t sleep. Thanks for your picture that you’ve shared to us. More power to your site! God bless 😉

  9. The ISO 800 setting has worked like a charm. There is no noise in this pic. I hope you havent edited the picture. I always choose the one before last option when i keep iso during dark clicks. They play a vital role in noise reduction. Besides that I liked the composition and the over all blue mood. It gives a chilling effect.

  10. Corrinne says:

    very nice 😀

  11. That picture looks just like me right now.

  12. Hi James,
    I love this representation of Insomnia. I have written countless words to describe this exact scene! As they say though, a picture can say a thousand words – and this one does. Well done.

  13. smslån says:

    Nice… I love the dark color cast and how the face is lit! Great!

  14. Ha, ha. That is awesome! Creepy picture but an amazing effect! How did you do it?

    • Camera on a tripod outside the bedroom, early morning so barely any natural light, and my face is lit from the computer monitor. I have a remote control for the camera which releases the shutter.

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