Someone wants to be me.

I’ve recently had someone try to break into a few of my accounts, including my Gmail account. Looks like it was just a brute-force attempt at guessing my passwords, and none were successful. Still, it gives one pause. Stay safe out there, my friends.


  1. greenlants says:

    Yeah putting yourself out there can be dangerous nowadays. The other day I got an email from Twitter saying someone had phished my account, and to go reset my password. : Just sad at the lengths people will go to, these are the same people that if they weren’t doing this, would be reaching into your back pocket on the street….

  2. Yikes, that’s a bit scary. A year or two ago, my Gmail account was actually hacked successfully somehow. What’s even worse is that when I went to try to reset the password, they were smart enough to have already changed my secret question.

    I appealed to Google and they asked for all sorts of information about my account…which I gave them. But they were never able to recover it for me. Fortunately it was not my main account.

  3. Happened to me too, about 2 years ago my account in google was compromised, but problem was, no one really wanted to be ME, that account was bond to a very juicy Adsense account and hacker gained access to that either. I was earning almost $1000 a month and was stupid enough to brag online, so since i only used one email address everywhere, guess it was not hard to guess.

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