Cuff links


Some days, I like to wear cuff links. They’ll catch my eye at an unexpected moment and make me laugh… this bit of man-jewelry that I wear on occasion. I don’t care for necklaces, ear rings, or bracelets. The only ring I will wear was a birthday present from Claire, and it’s a simple, plain, titanium band. For some reason, in all my chosen lack of ornamentation, I like cuff links.


  1. greenlants says:

    Agreed, I don’t really care for jewelry either. But I don’t wear cuff links since I don’t really have the opportunity to wear clothes that would need them. Do you collect them, or just have a few favorites?

  2. I have three pairs that were my grandfather’s; those obviously have tremendous sentimental value. Other than that, I’ve accumulated less than a dozen more in the last five years. I am pretty picky. My sister had some wheelbarrow cuff links made for me when I finished my MBA (out of Monopoly game pieces, no less!). I’m sure they will make it to this page soon, along with the story that goes with them.

  3. This looks absolutely wonderful. This would really be great for someone like you who doesn’t like to wear any other kind of jewelry. This is a really nice pair.

  4. # 1 fan says:

    thanks to Lea from Am Eagle, I’m reminded we’re still waiting for those wheelbarrow links…… AND the story :))

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